Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday Webinars for Nonprofits: Summer 2010

The summer schedule of Wednesday Webinars is just about complete. The first half of the year saw a great start to the program, with over 300 registrations for the most popular sessions, and overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews of the presentations. There is so much that we want to include in the program that we'll be expanding to two webinars per week, at 1:00 EDT/10:00 PDT and 2:30 EDT/11:30 PDT.

We'll have new offerings by some of the most popular presenters from the first half of the year—Michele Levy on nonprofit branding and marketing, yours truly on planning and governance, Tina Cincotti on fundraising, Debra Askenase on social media—along with some great new topics, in
  • Communications (David Neff on Affordable Video Production, Elizabeth Turnbull on Nonprofit Storytelling)
  • Development (Allan Pressel on 35 Ways to Maximize Fundraising through Your Website, Rod Miller on Major Gift Strategies)
  • Finance (Jenn Lammers on An Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Statements and Telling Your Stories in Numbers)
  • Professional development (Pamela Ziemann on Speaking With Confidence, Clarity and Conviction and Allan Pressel on 50 Time and Stress Management Techniques)
  • Operations (Phyllis Lasky on Managing Volunteers and Expectations: A Win-Win)
  • Governance (Judy Freiwirth on Innovative Governance Options)

For a first look at the full schedule (and to register for the remaining spring webinars) go to We’ll have the full listings up and ready for registration next week.