Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Collaboration

Earlier this month I published Critical Issues #16, “All About Collaboration.” In the spirit of the topic, I asked three other consultants (Sophie Parker, Deborah Pruitt and Kate Pugh) to join me in contributing material. Next week I’ve asked them, along with Tom Wolff, to join me in a panel discussion-based webinar, “Collaboration: What Works and Why,” the first time we’ve tried that format with Nonprofit Webinars.

I’ll be soliciting advance questions from early registrants for the webinar, and of course, we’ll take questions during the webinar as well. If the approach is well received, we’ll look for other panel discussion topics.

As I noted in Critical Issues #16, it could be argued that collaboration is the quintessential characteristic of the nonprofit sector. So now I invite all of the readers of this blog and of Critical Issues, and all of the attendees of our webinars, to suggest other innovations we might try to enhance our contributions to education and professional development in the nonprofit sector. Please let me know what you think.