Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mission Statement Competiton Entries and Judging

The Mission Statement Competition for 2012 will culminate tomorrow with the webinar What’s a Mission Statement Worth? During the webinar we will present the six semi-finalists selected by our review panel and ask for input from participants.

This year's entries in the mission statement competition represent a diverse group of inspiring causes, in both the Great Mission Statement and the Mission Statement Makeover categories. They include organizations concerned with:

  • veterans
  • women and families
  • young women
  • young fathers
  • abused and neglected children
  • children from troubled families
  • youth on the Autism spectrum
  • individuals with Down syndrome
  • people with disabilities
  • struggling schools in Third World Countries
  • shoes for children in need
  • growing food for neighbors in need
  • rebuilding impoverished communities
  • providing food and crisis assistance
  • development of young musicians
  • protecting and restoring waters in San Diego County
  • conservation of soil, water
  • bridging the digital divide
  • bicycle riding
  • symphonic music
  • literacy
  • education
  • mentoring
  • volunteerism
  • affordable transitional housing
  • public safety
  • poverty
  • adoption
  • pet overpopulation
  • sexual health
  • homelessness
  • polymicrogyria.
  • childhood obesity
  • breast cancer
  • professional theatre Canada
  • Mexican culture in Edmonton
  • landmines in Vietnam
  • liberty in North Korea
  • Pan-African people and their communities
  • communities in Africa
  • positive interaction between African and Afro-American communities
  • Central Florida Arab Americans
  • poverty and economic justice in Vermont

On our review panel this year are:

Join us tomorrow and look for the list of finalists next week.