Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We’re getting ready for today’s webinar on Nonprofit Boards and Effective Governance. Here are some links to other thoughts on governance, in earlier blog posts (on the board manual, the individual service plan, and board self-assessment) and in Critical Issues # 4, On Boards.

I was reminded of another post this morning as I reviewed the results of a board self-assessment, If It Ain’t Broke …. A significant number of trustees responded with less than strong agreement to the question “I voice my concerns about (or vote against) proposals or policies with which I do not agree.” While it is not uncommon for trustees to hold back and defer to the judgment of board leaders or management, it is quite disturbing nonetheless. The whole point of the fiduciary role of a nonprofit trustee is to apply individual judgment and evaluate issues that come before the board. If as a trustee, you don’t do that, how do you understand your role?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Announcing the Third Year of Nonprofit Webinars

During our eight seasons of nonprofit professional development webinars, 62 presenters have offered 158 free webinars to over 10,000 unique attendees (total registrations: 27,360) from all 50 states and six continents. In their evaluations attendees frequently volunteer that the webinar was one of the best they have attended, regardless of cost.

For this winter we have another great line-up of topics from both veteran and new presenters (all on Wednesdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Eastern Time) :

  • January 11
    Recruiting Board Members with LinkedIn
    Getting Things Done with Groups
  • January 18
    Earned Income for Nonprofits
    Leadership Engagement: The Key to Capacity Building
  • January 25
    Nonprofit Boards & Effective Governance
    Collaborating with Partners on Joint Grants
  • February
    Sales Tax Exemptions for Nonprofits
    The Power of Collaborative Solutions
    Advisory Boards: Engaging Donors & Developing Leaders
    Taking the Mystery out of Metrics
    Why an Outreach Plan Is Crucial
    Advancement Best Practices: Advanced Cases Discussion
    Conducting a Social Media Audit
    Tools for Social Media Management
    Fundraising & the Next Generation
  • March (partial)
    Conflict Resolution Success Stories
    Creating a Practical Marketing Roadmap
    Unemployment Funding Options
Registration is open for the January webinars (click on the title in the box to the right), and will be soon for the rest of the schedule. Find the full schedule and archive at .

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